Anna Serova: Building Back Together and Stronger: Learning the Lessons of 2020 and Looking Into 2021

2020 will remain in our memories as the year of Covid-19. According to the review by the Guardian,‘pandemic’, ‘lockdown’ and ‘doomscrolling’ were among the words chosen by world dictionaries as the ones best describing 2020. Most of us were convinced that keeping distance with other people, avoiding gatherings and travels, and following several other rules of virus prevention would keep us safe.

What all of this means is not only that the life we had considered as ‘normal’ had come to a halt and we had to invent new strategies of communicating and exchanging amongst each other, mainly virtually, but it also put under the threat the spirit of the community, which has been one of the core pillars of our societies.

But did it?

At Bosphorus Story House, we tried to find new ways to connect with our Clients, community, and volunteers. 2020 has indeed been challenging and a test for strength. We learned that our global systems are much more fragile and vulnerable in the face of external threat, but also that humans are capable of being united and solidary (despite the perceived values of individualism and competition instilled in many education systems across the world).

We re-learnt the need to connect with our friends, family, and colleagues, but at the same time 2020 taught us to take better care of our emotional health, individually and as a community, and how to be with oneself, not by oneself, but WITH oneself.

With all this knowledge and revelations, we are looking into 2021 with more confidence and re-assurance, with well-tuned mental compass and energy to build back together and help you grow and learn. Happy and wise new year!

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