How I Became More Productive By Not Giving Up

What is productivity, how to be productive… I think we all know the definition already, and if not, Google offers a lot of resources on this topic.

I am not going to talk too much about productivity in general but rather I’ll share with you my personal experience of how I became more productive by not giving up.

Yes, I think I would be right to say that we all find ourselves in a very difficult and unusual situation this year. There are so many uncertainties and we don’t even know what’s going to happen tomorrow in terms of our business and private life, our health, and so on. On the other hand, we`ve learned how to live with this pandemic.

Maybe we miss hugging each other, going somewhere and tasting delicious foods or simply being outside without wearing face masks… But at the moment, we cannot change the situation so we need to learn to live with all these restrictions. I`ll tell you something from my life, and maybe this will inspire you to share your own stories later.

Last year I was quite busy; I traveled to three different countries. I have been working in the tourism industry and my company is a branch office of one of the biggest Travel Management Companies in the world. As you may already know Covid-19 has affected our industry severely. There is no traveling, and our business has stopped for eight months.

We can’t get a full salary and the worst thing is that my wife is also in the same industry. So long story short we as a family are suffering a bit. To be honest, the first month for me was depressing and hopeless. I have a kid who is three years old and he couldn’t continue going to his kindergarten and we were trapped in the same house without doing almost anything.

But I had to do something. So what I did first; I changed my perspective. Rather than looking from the same direction, I went a bit back and a bit left so that I could see different opportunities even under these circumstances.

I woke up every day at the same hour as I was going to my office and I dressed well and started learning something new and this made me feel good. I was even playing with my kid during my breaks.
I joined almost every online activity in order to distract myself from negative feelings. I volunteered to prepare an Erasmus + project and we have already started to prepare another one. Besides, I decided to prepare a learning series that I can upload on Udemy from my programming language so that I could refresh my knowledge and also there could be an extra income.

Then I decided to find an extra job so that I could further improve my programming skills and again earn some extra income. Eventually I am also working as a freelancer in a software company.
I can clearly say that I am now much stronger regardless of the Covid-19, but also thanks to it.

I am sure, many of us have been living similar challenges like me. I was in a hopeless situation too many times but what helped me is talking to my friends. They always encouraged me.

What I would like you to take away from this story is; just try not to resist the adversity, instead try to learn how to live with it if you can`t change it. You don’t have to be productive all the time so I think reading a book, playing with your kid, helping others in any way, talking to your friends (even online) all contribute to your productivity.

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