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Learning  is a passion for most people. We all want to know certain things, unknown things during our lives. 

It is a fact that we constantly learn new things while we are talking, reading, having a conversation with someone etc. and we evolve as a result. We change, become mature and if we are clever enough to identify and understand what we learn then we become a better version of ourselves eventually.

There is a saying that is repeated all the time for all kinds of situations related to human “Change is the only thing that doesn’t change”. And yeah it is true but it may happen through one direction if we always use the same tools or in this case the same language.

Language is the most important tool that we use to define our ideas, ourselves. Knowing different languages means that we have a lot of ways to take and learn and improve ourselves.

Human interaction is essential and human is a social creature we understand this better these days. We try to stay connected to the world and our social cycle via different tools and language is essential in all of them. Because at the end of the day we all wish to be heard and understood by the people who are our target group.

 If you speak the language of the person that is your target then it is fine you can talk to him/her.

If you know the language that is the native language of your favorite author, then you can read his/her books without any limitation. Understand and interpret her/his words in a deeper way.

If you learn different languages then you can have friends all around the world which enables you to get into new worlds and perspectives.

If you know different languages, then you can communicate with everyone who knows that languages regardless of where they come from. And while doing so, you can be sure that your message is received well and you are understood.

Considering all these and other benefits, it is undoubtedly essential to know different languages. More than anything else it is very essential for us to understand ourselves in a deeper sense. It is vital to stay connected to the world and people around us these days. In a world that is becoming more and more digital everyday due to the pandemic which has turned our lives upside down, there are many ways and platforms that one can improve their language skills as long as they decide to learn a new language. I can honestly say that it is never too late. There are so many things that you can offer to the world so make up your minds and start somewhere that suits you most and learn a language. You will be surprised what your life will become once you start… 

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